Get Layout Templates Info Task

Titleā€ƒ Get Layout Templates Info Task


This task returns the content of all layout templates, available to the associated Export Web Map Task, formatted as JavaScript object notation (JSON).


  • This tool is shipped with ArcGIS Pro and is intended to be published as a geoprocessing task within a printing service. It is also used by the preconfigured PrintingTools service.

  • The output of this tool is a string formatted as JSON. The string is a list of available Layout Files (.pagx) and following information for each layout file:

    • The size and units of the page layout

    • The size of a map frame

      • in case when there are multiple map frames on the layout, it returns information for the map frame that is named as 'WEBMAP_MAP_FRAME'

    • Availability of following layout elements:

      • Legend element

      • Title text element

      • Copyright text element

      • Author text element

      • Custom text elements and their names and existing values


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