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Task: SetupMapArea

Display Name: SetupMapArea

Description: The Setup Map Area task creates packages for each service in the web map within the map area extent. The tool generates tile packages (.tpk or .vtpk) and SQLite Geodatabase format replica packages for exportTilesAllowed tiled services (i.e. basemap layer) and sync enabled feature services (i.e. operational layers). It adds an Area2Package relationship between the map area item and created package items. Existing package related to a map area will remain unchanged after running the task a second time as long as its corresponding layer remain existed in the web map and therefore a valid map layer. For example, if a web map is updated with a feature layer removed after a package is created for that layer using the GP tool, the package will be removed the next time executing it since its corresponding layer no longer exists in the web map thus becomes invalid.


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Execution Type: esriExecutionTypeAsynchronous


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